On to week 4 and again we have a single pod of 12 at the table for another round of M13 draft.

Pack 1's open around the table with a good number of groans, probably a lot of pretty awful rares out there. My pack 1 has a lot of really average cards and a Clone, so that is my pick 1. Next pack is similarly average but includes a Searing Spear; easy pick (the rare in the pack was Wit's End, explaining my neighbours groan). As the pack continues I get a Rancor, Divination, Rummaging Goblin, and some green creatures. It seems I still have 3 options to focus on going ahead.

Pack 2 I see a good number of decent green creatures, picking up a Primal Huntbeast, Centaur Courser, Flinthoof Boar, and 2 Timberpack Wolves. It seems that green is going to form the core of my deck with quite possibly a splash of red to take advantage of the boar's boost. Having said that, the red picks I get from this pack are rather weak and the splashable blue is great, 2 Essence Scatters, an Unsummon, and Faerie Invaders!

Pack 3 is pretty average with only a few exceptions, a Sentinel Spider, a second Flinthoof Boar, a Deadly Recluse, Bladetusk Boar, and a second Faerie Invaders. With that, I was totally ready to create a green deck with a splash of .... red? blue? I didn't really know! So in the end I made a core deck of green along with 2 interchangeable splashable modules, 1 blue, 1 red.

2x Arbor Elf
1x Rancor
1x Prey Upon
2x Flinthoof Boar
3x Timberpack Wolf
1x Deadly Recluse
1x Farseek
1x Titanic Growth
2x Centaur Courser
1x Primal Huntbeast
1x Sentinel Spider

11x Forest
Splash Modules

1x Goblin Arsonist
1x Searing Spear
2x Volcanic Strength
1x Rummaging Goblin
1x Bladetusk Boar
1x Mindclaw Shaman

6x Mountain


1x Unsummon
2x Essence Scatter
1x Divination
1x Clone
2x Faerie Invaders

6x Island

1x Naturalize
1x Plummet
1x Bountiful Harvest

1x Trumpet Blast
1x Goblin Battle Jester
2x Fire Elemental

1x Index
1x Hydrosurge
1x Welkin Tern
1x Scroll Thief

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