You know what this blog needs? Articles on a TCG that no-one plays and that died way back in 2005! Thus I give you a deck that I used to play for the Megaman Trading Card Game.

For anyone that actually played the game, or has some knowledge of the anime series on which it was based (Megaman NT Warrior), you can probably guess the central theme of the deck from the title. That's right, it's everyone's favourite pink navi, the often times damsel in distress and occasional badass, Roll.
For those unfamiliar of the game, I'll give a very brief overview here and cover more as I go along. Heck, I might even write up some rules and gameplay posts at some point.

Players of the Megaman TCG each have a deck of 60 cards, 1 of which is a NetNavi (basically a character card) with the other 59 being Resources, Events, and BattleChips that are used to attack the opponent. Each NetNavi has 3 base statistics which are shown on left of the card. In order from top to bottom these are Strength (S), Defence (S) and Blast (B); so Roll there has Strength 1, Defence 2, and Blast 2. Some NetNavi's also have special abilities highlighted in a small text box at the base of the card; with Roll gaining +2 Defence whenever she uses a BattleChip.

Players take turns playing various cards against each other to increase their Strength and Defence in order to attempt to deal damage. If an attacking players Strength is higher than a defending players Defence then the defender will take damage equal to the difference in Strength and Defence (so Strength 5 attacking Defence 3 would result in 2 damage dealt). Damage is dealt by forcing a player to discard cards from the top of their deck; referred to in the game as losing energy. When a player's deck is empty, they are out of energy and lose the game.

Ok, that is enough about very basic game mechanics for now. On with the deck!